Company profile

HENWEIT commited to give the best service for the engine parts with reliable quality, delivery and development activities to its customers. For over 20 years we've been supplying fleet owners and independent operators through a network of independently owned and operated distributorships.

HENWEIT owes its remarkable success to its dedicated and knowledgeable employees. With decades of experience designing and field testing products, both our Engineering and Sales Staff are available to answer your most challenging technical questions. 

HENWEIT's commitment to its customers is evidenced by the depth of the HENWEIT organization.


History of HENWEIT

The company that is HENWEIT Engine parts today, started in the 1990's. At the beginning, we first started to produce engine parts for Agricultural vehicles. In order to meet requirements of  market, we improve our technical and equipment. Now our prouducts suitable for all of diesel and gasline engine, such as Truck, Heavy duty, Construction machine, Agricultural vehicles and so on.

Engineering Dept.

HENWEIT' success is based on our commitment to quality. Every part undergoes a rigorous engineering analysis ensuring that the HENWEIT manufacturing component will be identical to the original equipment part. 

Manufacturing Dept.

HENWEIT supplies original equipment parts for manufacturers and high quality replacement and service components for customers worldwide.

Quality Control

All HENWEIT products are subject to rigorous quality control screening procedures

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